The Pogona Viticeps, more commonly known as the Central Bearded Dragon, is a reptile native to a semi arid band across of Australia. It lives in temperate, tropical arid, and semi arid woodlands. These reptiles are most famously known for their spiked body and intimidating beard. Although appearing sharp, most of the reptiles spikes are rubbery and mainly used as a deterrent against possible predators (Australian Museum, 2019). Its' main predators are goannas, snakes, hawks, and dingoes. When threatened, the reptile can inflate its' beard to ward off any predators by appearing larger and more intimidating.

In both the wild and in captivity, Pogona Viticeps are solitary animals and only come together for mating. Before mating, males can turn their beard dark black and bob their head to show dominance to a female that they would like to mate with. If the female is not interested she will wave one of her legs in a circular motion to avoid aggression with the male. A small number of these reptiles have been observed changing their entire body colour, however most of them only change their beard colour. Finally, they are known to hiss when they are frightened or threatened. Other than hissing they do not vocalize in any other way.

Pogona Viticeps are omnivores and will eat mostly anything they find. In the wild they will hunt insects and other small reptiles but also eat any fruit or vegetables they find as well. 


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