How common ancestors lived and their differences

Wachtleria is a type of fern found in the fossil remains around the Megachrella wachtleri and its name points to a terrestrial and maybe arboreal living environment for this species (Renesto, 2013). The skeletal characteristics especially the large forelimb also substantiates this (2013).

Analysis of this fossil in 2003 revealed that its teeth were stout and not achrodont pointing against a relationship of the Megachrella with rhynchocephalians (Michael, 2018). However, it shares characteristics common to Lepidosauromorpha such as a “postfrontal which enters the upper temporal fenestra with loss of postorbital-parietal contact, the presence of paired sternal plates, and an interclavicle with an elongate posterior stem” (2018, pp. 43-44) concluding that it was the ancestor to snakes and lizards.


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