Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario Canada, offers a Bachelor of Science in Ecology as a four year undergrad degree program where students take courses in genetics, cell biology, organic chemistry, statistics, biochemistry, principles of ecology and many more (Laurentian University, n.d). High school courses that are required to get into this program include:

  • 1 grade 12 English U/M course

  • 1 grade 12 4U Advanced Functions

  • 1 grade 12 U Science course (Chemistry recommended)

  • 1 additional grade 12 U/M Math or Science course 

  • 2 other grade 12 U/M courses

  • A minimum overall average of 70% in the 6 best grade 12 U/M courses

Guelph University, located in Guelph, Ontario Canada offers Bachelor of Science degrees with majors in many fields that can relate to the pursuit of a career in herpetology. You can choose majors like Animal Biology, Biodiversity, Biological Science, Environmental Biology, Marine and Freshwater Biology, Wildlife Biology and Conservation and Zoology. As an example, if you choose to major in Biodiversity you will study things like natural selection, evolution, genetic variation, life cycles, ecosystem structure, population dynamics and more. You will get field experience plus be able to do international exchanges. The 2020 admissions cut off grades to get into a biological sciences program at Guelph are 78-83%, with the exception of Bio-Medical Science which is 84-89% and Animal Biology and Human Kinetics which is 79-84% (Guelph Univeristy, n.d.). High school 4U prerequisites required:

  • English

  • Advanced Functions

  • 2 courses from 4U biology, chemistry, physics (3 recommended)

  • 2 additional courses

The University of Florida offers a major in Zoology which focuses on studying individual organisms and populations and their relationship to the environment and each other. The core of this program is in evolution and ecology. Students take course in anatomy, behavior, genetics, physiology, and other specialized fields. Along with general requirements like the SAT students are strongly encouraged to take high school courses that that lead into those they will take in the program including things like first year chemistry, biology and calculus (The University of Florida, n.d).

The University of British Columbia offers various undergrad programs that give students the tools they need to pursue grad studies in things like Herpetology. Their Earth, Environment and Sustainability program offers 4 year majors in areas of study like environmental science. This program concentrates on understanding environmental issues facing human societies. The course is taught with an integrative cross-disciplinary approach with a background in physical sciences, earth and ocean sciences, and life sciences. Students study things like atmospheric environments, ecology, oceanography, hydrology, global climate change and air pollution and meteorology. Students graduating from such a program have many opportunities and paths including those in environmental science research, government ecological programs and environmental law and policy (Univeristy of British Columbia, n.d.). Admission requirements to this program include:

  • 4U English

  • MHF4U (Advanced Functions) (minimum 67%)

  • SBI4U (Biology), SCH4U (Chemistry), or SPH4U (Physics)

  • SCH3U (Chemistry)

  • SPH3U (Physics) (may be waived with scores of 86% or higher in senior-level Math and Chemistry)


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